Best ways to earn online this 2015 - Philippines

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Don't let yourself be left behind in this modern age and start finding ways to earn online.

Not too passionate with writing to start your own blog or website? No need to worry as you can still find other opportunities. You must be very careful though as the internet is full of misleading information where most websites will only extort money from you with the promise of a get rich quick scheme. I won't really provide too much details on those for this article, let's just focus on how you can make money online without giving out a single cent.

With the recent trends in the Philippines the following websites were able to stand out and be recognized as providers of home based income for those who are interested to freelance their services.

Odesk – whatever career you’re into, you can surely find positions and jobs online here. The more projects you accept, the more employers would find you. It is the arena of freelancers. You can take projects from simple data entry to complex programming.

GrayScale – their salary ranges from P5000 – P23000 per month. You hold your time, you know your capacity and ability to write. They also give wage increase incentives.

OutDesk – for call center agents and virtual assistant wannabe, this site is for you. Salary ranges from USD $500-800 per month. Convert it to pesos and it will surely make you smile.

OLX - they don't actually pay you monthly but on this website you can sell any item that you no longer need. If you have a local business, why not consider selling your products online? You reach more people and not just the ones in your area.

So far the above sites are the ones on my most trusted list but there are certainly more out there and more would probably pop-up as we go further into this age where everyone is being inter-connected by the world wide web.

However, for those who are curious on how bloggers in the Philippines make money online aside from Adsense which is almost everyone's favorite. The following sites are on the top of my most reliable list:

Lazada – this is one of the top online shopping portals in the Philippines so it’s very rewarding to be a partner. They accept publishers. Once you get approved, you may display their ads/products online in your site. You’ll earn money thru commissions such as when someone buys a gadget using the link from your website.

Nuffnang – one of the favorites of bloggers not only in the Philippines but also Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong. Open an account in Nuffnang and add your blog site. Start earning money thru their ad campaigns and be paid using the local currency. They have a local office in the country and are also well known for the great events organized for the community.

Infolinks - this is an online advertising network and shows in-text ads. Where you can monetize the content of your articles. Very easy to install. The sign up and approval process is very quick.

Let us all face the facts that about 80% of bloggers around the world are lazy. They don’t work hard to make a living like most of the professionals across the globe do. But the fun part is that most of them earn more than those with a full time job. But don't lose hope as you can see above there are more ways to earn money online aside from blogging. All you have to do is pick an option that would best fit your skills.

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