Nuffnang marketing online review (Philippines advertising)

This is not a paid review. I simply wish to share my experience with this ad network to give you all an idea. I have been implementing their ads on some of my websites and blogs and I find the revenue a bit lower than Adsense.

One of my blogs that host Nuffnang ads is Feel free to visit to see how their ads appear.

Nuffnang actually works like renting a small space in your blog for specific time and you are entitled to receive extra bonus if your ads shows some click through impression in your blog.

The Downside: Not every time you’ll receive ads!

The Goodside: They organize extra curricular events on local areas for their bloggers with a few perks.

In my experience of having Nuffnang in my blogs I only had continual ads in my website which received the most traffic everyday. I think that they also consider traffic before they award ads in your blog so if your blog has less traffic every day, chances are you won’t get any ads from Nuffnang, sad right? By the way the ads of Nuffnang have script in it to detect the traffic in your blog and have it recorded in your account in Nuffnang with real time presentation.

Will I continue to serve Nuffnang ads?
Yes, I still continue to serve their ads but  I’m having second thoughts of whether to stay with them or choose other ad marketing companies. They have a great community for bloggers which is way more than what money could buy and they also host certain blogging contest where you can win stuff such as a year supply of the sponsored products. With those aside I still find the other perks quite enjoyable.

If you know what I mean... :)

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  2. I supposed to try Nuffnang but I did not continue filling up the application because they ask to describe my blog in 100-words I think. What for

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