How to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you?

Men also have their own insecurities and inhibitions in a relationship. They also feel sensitive and vulnerable then why is it that only men are being blamed for a broken relationship? Why is he always the culprit and woman a victim? It can be the other way around too.
He may not be the one to cheat but being cheated upon. This article will surely help you learn if your girl is hiding something in her closet. We cannot always blame a man for being unfaithful, a liar or a cheat. Honestly speaking women are also to be blamed for doing so many undesirable acts in a relationship that their men did not know about. What’s the worst part? They always end up blaming the men as the cheater. Now is the time to turn the table around and unmask your so called playing innocent angel.

Sometimes love is blind but what ever you do, don't be this guy:

Here are 8 cool signs to let you know whether your girl is being unfaithful.

1. Your instincts give you signals about something being wrong
The very first indicator is your gut or your instinct. You know when you get that gut feeling that something just isn’t right?
Trust it!
Even though you may not have any other signs of a cheating partner, your gut is generally incredibly accurate — unless, of course, you have trust issues to begin with.
I think we’re raised to believe in logic. But our intuitions overrule logic, so if you are getting signals from your intuition, DON’T try to shut them out, thinking it’s ‘only in your head’. It’s probably not.

2. Visible loopholes
Finally, things just don’t make sense or add up when thinking back. There are visible loopholes when your girlfriend said she was going somewhere, but later you find out she wasn’t even there. Or much later, she mentions she was somewhere she ‘shouldn’t’ have been without her thinking about what she’s saying.
Sometimes she hides or covers her cell phone screen while reading a text message and composing a message. You realize that she doesn’t do this all the time as she mostly doesn’t mind using her phone in front of you. But the ugly truth is that she’s only doing that whenever she’s communicating with someone she knows you won’t be jealous with.
Again, trust your gut. And though we’re taught not to trust these unseen ‘powers’, your intuition is probably the most reliable thing you can use.

3. She changes the way she looks
If you notice a sudden change in your girlfriend’s appearance, like new or sexier clothes, a drastically different hair style, or a sudden preoccupation with her weight. This is one of the major and most reliable signs your girlfriend is cheating. Women know that the best way to get a man’s attention is by LOOKING attractive. Obviously, right .So why would she suddenly change her appearance?
BOOM! There you go!!
There may be another guy in the picture.

4. She hangs out with other guys too often
She spends less and less time with you while she hangs out with male friends.
For those who are working at the same office, it is easier to identify. You may sometimes find her:
- Sitting on top of some guy’s table while wearing her mini skirt to display her assets.
- Sharing the same chair with a guy even when there are a lot of available chairs around.
- She refuses to have her lunch break together with you and spends it with someone else.
And for those who are not working on the same work place its harder to spot the signs but not entirely impossible. You can take note of things like:
- She refuses to be picked up at work.
- She comes up with different excuses for her not to be home on time.
- She joins a so called team building too often than usual.

5. She talks about “This Guy” quite so often now
When you were young you may have noticed how your sister used to talk about this particular guy she had a crush on. Chances are your girlfriend is also having a crush on a guy and he is definitely not you but your rival indeed. She tells you little stories about things he does or gives you small details about his life.
Well, if your girlfriend is suddenly discussing some guy she works with or met in this way then this could be an indicator your girlfriend is cheating — or more accurately, it probably hasn't gotten that far.
She’s just infatuated.
But if she suddenly STOPS talking about him or bringing him into conversations, this is a sign that something changed which triggered your girlfriend to hide these details from you.

6. Decrease in physical intimacy
This one should be obvious. Remember, if a woman isn’t intimate with you, in all likelihood, she’s so with someone else. So if a woman rejects your advances or moves away from you when you initiate physical contact, this is one of the major signs of a cheating girlfriend.
Especially if this starts happening regularly without any obvious reason and it is also very different than how things were earlier in the relationship.
So if she’s distant and you’re getting that gut feeling that something isn't right, there’s a good chance that there really is something happening.

7. Too many unnecessary details
When your girlfriend suddenly starts giving you detailed explanations of what she did last night or where she was, then this is another sign to consider.
Sure, women can talk a lot. But doesn't a complete narrative of what she did seem a little strange? Especially if she is not used to doing so earlier.
Perhaps this will sound odd, but this is her guilty conscience and she is trying to prove she WASN'T cheating, even though you haven’t and didn't even expect it.

8. Unexpected attention, gifts, flowers etc
Most of the women who cheat do feel guilty about it.
So another one of these signs your girlfriend is being unfaithful towards you is if she starts doing extra special things for you.
Things she didn't do before.
If your girlfriend surprises you unexpectedly by buying you things or doing little favors for you, she may be feeling guilty about what she’s done or is doing.
And she’s being extra nice to make herself feel better about it.

9. She Accuses You of Cheating
Accusing you of cheating could be a sign that she feels guilty about her bad behavior. She might think that if she is getting away with having an affair then you might be cheating as well; your partner could be trying to rid her guilt by reversing the situation in her favor.

Although these signs are good indications, they are not definitive proof. There might be other reasons such as stress or work commitments that explain why things have changed. Make sure you have evidence before you accuse your partner of cheating.


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