VIRAL VIDEO: Have you heard of softdrinks girl?

Have you heard about the viral video of softdrinks girl?

They say that the youth is our nation's hope. But only if we guide them well and not all parents are able to do that. Most of them are probably busy with work and other things they find as first priority.

Specially in the Philippines where the traditional culture for women is to be conservative and well mannered. However, media with the lack of parental guidance has certainly influenced them to veer away from their traditional nature and be more liberal.

Sadly such as what was displayed on this viral video. The girl was taking more care with the bag of softdrinks that she was holding than of herself. She was more than willing to lose what she can never get back, than to spill the bag of softdrinks that she was holding.


The video, which lasts for one minute and six seconds, was recorded by a third party. A source who is knowledgeable about the video advised that they were students of a Catholic high school in Tarlac, Philippines. According to him, the video has been circulating in their community since March.

I hope parents can learn from this example and provide more attention and guidance towards their kids. As parents, we are responsible for teaching them what is right or wrong.

I know you are all curious but I am not allowed to share the video here. You can watch it from the available source I've found on Facebook before it gets deleted.

Here's the link:

Once you have seen it, please do share this article for awareness and also post your comments below. Thanks!

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