Financing your Child's College Education (Philippines)

Above are the current tuition fees of top universities in the country from GMA news.

So now you ask yourself...
How much will the tuition fee cost me by the time my child enters college?

Let's say your son is 5 years old today and based on the K12 program, he will enter college 14 years from now.

Using Ateneo de Manila University as an example for better appreciation, we see that its current tuition is P76,000.00 per semester or P152,000.00 in a year.

Rate of increase to be used is 10% per annum.

*Usually tuition fee increase ranges from low of 8% and high of 12%
*This is  just for the sake of projecting future tuition fees of universities, and not to promote and rank  them.

Please see below computation:

With the rate that this is increasing, do you think your savings would be enough by that time?

If not, then are educational plans still recommendable even after the issue with CAP Educational plans? A lot of people was unable to get college education because their parents trusted this company that suddenly went bankrupt.

We do have a lot of options on how to prepare for this but it is always best to invest wisely and not leave everything to chance.

Here are some helpful suggestions by people on Facebook on how to deal with this:

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