Real Translator Jobs a Scam or not?

We all want an easy job where we can easily make money from with less effort. The Real Translator Jobs website may be a little bit disappointing for those who are looking for work and extra income to create from home. The website is and at first, the idea seemed very promising. One of the things that sparks a lot of people’s interest is the promotion of making $100′s of dollars per day. I’m going to tell you right off the bat, your chances of making that kind of money through freelance translator work is slim to none.

Seriously? You basically have to pay just to get access to a list of freelance jobs. You can do that on your own and find freelance websites just by browsing around using Google search. No need to pay anything!

Another common complaint is contact support for refund. Often times companies will make it very difficult and inconvenient for you to submit a support ticket to get a refund. The good thing is that since this is dealt through Clickbank, you can use this third-party to get your money back. And there is a 60 day money back guarantee anyways so you have the right to claim your money back immediately.

On this website, you can also see security badges but the security badges are not clickable. This means that they are not registered there for this is a fake image designed to give you comfort and a sense of security.

So be very careful and particular with this kind of websites before giving out any personal information such as your identity details and credit card numbers which can also be used for fraudulent activities.

There are probably several reason as to why this website was created and I dont see providing great income for the website customer's as one of them. They are most-likely gathering personal information to create a list of interested clients which can also be sold to marketing companies. The website owner will also earn if the membership payment is unclaimed within the said period of time.

If you are looking for ways to make money online then there are other legitimate ways such as several websites that pay you to blog, but this website will not provide you that kind of opportunity.


  1. Hi, apparently I got fooled by joining this website. Do you have any suggestions of how I could claim the money back from clickbank? Thanks a lot...

    1. Best option would be to contact clickbank support and they should be able to assist you with getting your money back.


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