Ignition Marketing Philippines - Scam or Legit?

Screenshot of their video claim

I'm simply curious by the industry, due to the proliferation of scams and get-rich-quick schemes and the gullibility of people who fall for them but I'm not a network marketer. Ignition Marketing first came to my attention through a Sponsored post on my Facebook news feed. So I was very curious about what the company offers and if it's something worth investing in.

I'm not in any way saying that networking businesses are scams. Indeed, there are legit companies that do care about their investors. Sad to say however that the scams outnumber the real ones. With this Ignition Marketing Philippines review, I plan on educating the public about the company to help them decide whether it's worth investing in or not.

I've watched the long sales video. Ofcourse to give a fair review, I tried their system out for myself and invested Php2,999 as they have requested to gain access through their learning materials. I plan on educating the public about the company to help them decide whether it's worth investing in or not.

An Overview of Ignition Marketing
I'm going to make this review as easy to understand as possible. While watching the videos and presentations, I've come across a lot of red flags that caused me to think that Ignition Marketing is just another rehashed business opportunity. They will actually sell you something that you can easily get online for free by using Google search.

I have to give props to the company for a website and presentation that is both sleek and very convincing. They are very good at twisting a lot of lies into something that most people could perceive as true. They even use a bible story to deceive people.

What are the Red Flags?
They say that you can access their Commission Ignition System for free. That's a big lie. Let me quote Reformina from the sales video, "Gain access to the Commission Ignition System for free for only Php2,999." In short, you cannot access the system if you don't buy one of their products. You can call this a freebie, a gift, or a free offer but the FACT remains that the only way you can use it is when you spend Php2,999. They are making people believe that this is absolutely FREE but they have to pay Php2,999 before they can have what's supposed to be free.

How is that absolutely free? Free is when you get something without investing a single centavo. It's a really misleading claim. If you claim to give something for free, then give it for free, no strings attached. It's like saying "I'm going to give you a free car but first you need to buy this car." Again, this is a technique that is very common among online entrepreneurs. The team behind Ignition Marketing Philippines did their research on marketing strategies and they are very good in them.

Another thing that caught me off-guard while watching the sales video is when the presenter claimed that the company is not offering an online job. What they are offering is an online job - directing people to the sales funnel and earning commissions. This is a job, period. For those people who doesn't know the definition of a job, kindly get a dictionary to help you out.

The presenter also said that Ignition is not network marketing. I don't know if it's just me but this is confusing. If you see people on Facebook sharing links and promoting Ignition, what they are doing is the very definition of networking.

I'm not in any way saying that networking businesses are scams. Indeed, there are legit companies that do care about their investors. Sad to say however that the scams outnumber the real ones. I simply feel bad for the thousands of people who lose their hard-earned money from shady companies who bait their hapless victims with promises sweetened by pictures of cash, cars, and checks. I care about these people, and I want them to be more aware about these opportunities that keep on sprouting like mushrooms online.

They have a physical office but you cannot physically visit it.

Ignition Marketing Philippines has its office at Bignay Street, barangay Quirino 2B in Quezon City. However, the company says that they currently do not entertain walk-in visitors. This is unacceptable. The business has already launched! It should be every company's responsibility to provide an office where they can address issues, questions or problems that their clients have. One of the owners of the company claims to have earned millions of pesos yet the company can't afford an office where their clients can go to inquire about things? To be fair, they are an online-based company and they can address queries purely online. Still, people are investing money and resources into their business so they should have the right to at least have the privilege of having their problems addressed personally.

The Products of Ignition Marketing 
The company has two products. The first one is the Online Prosperity Training package which is composed of two value packs - the Fast Profit Blueprint and the Facebook Sikat Marketing. In a nutshell, these are kits that show you how to market and promote stuff online. These are worth Php2,999. The second product is a membership program called the Elite Inner Circle that's worth Php1499.

I have purchased this just to prove my doubts and I can honestly say that you can possibly find most of what that they offer from other online sources for free by using Google search without paying a single cent. As to their membership program, there are dozens of forums and blogs out there in the web about internet marketing that can provide answers to any question you might have and they wont ask you to pay.

The company is legit and registered?
There are three people behind the company - Eduard Reformina, Binsoy Basilio, and Mau Magallanes. If you visit the company's website (ignitionmarketingph.com), not much information is provided about these key people. Aside from ambiguous statements about their experiences in the industry and income claims, very minimal other details are provided.

Ignition Marketing Co. is a registered company name in the Philippines. If you search for the company on the official website of the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, they are there. So they are for real. They are legit. However, as the SEC directly states on their website, the availability of any company's name on the website is not an indication that it is authorized to sell to the public.

For my Summary on this Review
  • Yes, the company is registered and legitimate.
  • They do give you FREE services/products but you will have to PAY for it.
  • They only sell 2 products which are not even products.
  • The products they sell are information that you can easily find for free using Google search and other search engines.
  • You can really make money using their system but you will have to swallow your conscience as you will be deceiving people to pay for free stuff.
  • The main focus of the company is on recruiting people to buy their products then encouraging these same people to convince other people to buy the products so that they can earn commissions.

Ignition Marketing Philippines has a very well-made website. Their sales videos and presentations are sleek, neat, and professionally made. However, behind all of these is a business model that has often proved to be unsustainable. They do have products but these only serve as a front or a cloak. All you need to do is look at the way people are promoting Ignition Marketing online. They aren't focused in telling people that they will find value in the products. With their promotional tactics, the products are secondary. All you hear are about the thousands of pesos you are going to earn. The great lifestyle you are going to achieve. The cash rolling into your bank account every week.

For a business to be sustainable, its products should offer something of value to people. Something that people will keep on using over and over again. Something they won't find anywhere else. This way, a market for the product will always be there.

I'll have to say that their products are of very little substance, at least from where I stand. I personally wont refer anyone else to get any commission for myself. They can have the money I've sent but my conscience is clear that I will be taking no part of this scheme. However, for those who think they can stomach this, it is really a very good way to make money online. A lot of people can easily fall for this, mostly those who really needs help. Sad to say but not all people in the Philippines are well educated and this system will certainly take advantage of that to make money.

This wraps up my review. I have shared my insights with all of you, but the decision is still all yours. After reading this you may answer the question yourself.

Is Ignition Marketing a Scam or Not?


  1. FYI. The Products of Ignition is Training and it is knowledge and very valuable strategies to promote their current business.It's just like your teacher from Grade school transferred there knowledge to you and you paid for it, and sometimes we bought some books because we need to learn and to get an idea nor knowledge. if it scam then Ignition is also. think of it..

  2. Copy/paste... gawa ka ng sarili mong blog, yung original naman.Lol :D :D :D.
    Kinopya mo lang to kay Dan at Jeff eh. Anyways, hindi mo yata alam what education is all about halata naman sa blog posts mo na wala kang alam. By the way Concerned lang ako sayo my friend, if you want to learn just send me a message so I can send the P2,999 for you to be part of Ignition Marketing. Yes, tama ang nabasa mo bigay mo lang bank account mo at ipapadala ko ora mismo ang P2,999 so I can welcome you on Ignition Marketing kahit hindi na ako ang kinuha mong sponsor. I have no idea how hundreds of filipino changed their lives because of Ignition Marketing.

    1. I have no idea who Dan or Jeff is.
      If you know how to read you'd know that I already paid for the P2,999 fee for the "FREE" system you people have as stated above on my blog post. This article is in English which is probably why you could not understand the content and simply commented without thinking. Please don't talk about education if you never had any.

    2. norjamil, ako na lang padalan mo ng 2,999. subukan natin kung kikita nga ako.

    3. Boss pwede moko sponsoran ng p2900 via palawan express, isponsoran tau...

    4. Oonga sponsoran mo muna try lang kung kikita. ibabalik naman eh pag kumita nga talaga. hahaha

    5. Oonga sponsoran mo muna try lang kung kikita. ibabalik naman eh pag kumita nga talaga. hahaha

  3. If you want an to be successful in an Online Business, you never achieve it by mere searching the topics in google. You need a community of entrepreneurs willing to help you. That is Ignition Marketing. More than the products well for the price of 2999 sulit na sulit dahil ang daming magagaling na online marketers ang nasa community na mag-guguide sayo para maging successful online marketer. This opportunity though is not for everyone. You need to alot time and effort but it is worth it.

    1. I have a successful passive income online and I didn't have to pay for anything when Google said that it was free. You can read more about it on this blog. The information I've shared with all my readers are REALLY for FREE. :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. may kailangan pa bang bayaran bulod sa 2,999?

    1. Meron Sir. 1,499 kasi nga po libre daw according to their ads pero may bayad hahaha!

  6. sort of..on a new strategy..but everybody is free to try their luck...anyway, there is a "promise" or "garanty" nmn na u will earn money...

  7. Thank you for this review. It is indeed enlightening.

  8. Thank you for this review. It is indeed enlightening.

  9. Thanks for posting this very informative blog. I was hesitant to get IM as well as my real goal tlga naman eh more on the content. Someone like me who is trying to start a business in online marketing would like to know and understand the "How's" first before anything else. What will I get out of the 3k. Yung value mismo. Anyway kudos on making this very clear and concise! :)

  10. To the Author of this blog. have you tried researching Anik Singal the owner of inbox blueprint. he's entrepreneur success was based on the same principle as Edward Reformina is using the only difference was that ofcourse the investment is higher than in ignition. $700+ dollars compare to P4498 pesos of course is a mile of a huge difference. but the bottom line is this. Anik Singal has a reputation on his belt that actually had developed results through out his years in the industry (he was even invited in TEDx to speak) ofcourse y'all know when you're someone who gets invited to speak in TEDx to speak in front of many people you know you're legit. i don't know about edward reformina but yeah if people in the U.s gets to invest that much amount and be successful why can't we filipinos duplicate the same approach and be successful as well right?

  11. I just read the blog just now . Eduard Reformina is one of my mentors. Para sa akin , ok lng naman ang IM kasi una , we are in a Technology Age ,nababagay tlga ito kasi puro internet na tau . First , tama snbi ng iba , it is like school , paid education nman sya. Kung iisipin mo may lolokohin tau customer , it just business or sales talk . Paano mo mapopromote ang business kng hndi mo ssbhin ang maganda para kagatin ng customer. Matagal na gngwa yan ng business , I know there are many business principle ,may gustong tapat ,may gustong mktulong sa people as well making money and meron din idedecept ang tao para kumita . BUT still its just a business strategy.

  12. May bgo na namang raket c Eduard reformina. ATM ebook dn binibenta. May video cla panghikayat pero same ng sinasbi nila sa libro ni Chinkee Tan. Hbng pinapanuod ko video nla para akng nag babasa ng libro ni Chinkee Tan.


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