Making decisions and the things to consider before you do

Decisions... Decisions...
Must be so easy making them without thinking, when you don't have to worry about the results.

Modern / Legacy cards for Sale (PH only)

Press Ctrl+F (Type: the card name) to find the card you need.

For inquiries about the availability of the listed cards you may post a comment here or text me on my mobile number. The list will be updated atleast twice a week. Cards that are no longer listed are considered SOLD.

Card price will be TCG Mid (Average) x 40:

Listed as: QTY / NAME 

1    All Is Dust
1    Baneslayer Angel
4    Blackmail (FOIL)
1    Blinding Angel (8th Ed)
1    Canopy Vista
4    Deathbringer Liege
1    Emeria, the Sky Ruin
1    Goblin King
3    Halimar Depths (WWK FOIL)
1    Isochron Scepter (DCI FOIL)
1    It That Betrays
1    Llanowar Wastes (10th Ed FOIL)
1    Llanowar Wastes (9th Ed FOIL)
2    Matter Reshaper
1    Mercadian Bazaar (FOIL)
4    Murkfiend Liege
2    Nimbus Maze
1    Phyrexian Arena
1    Ral Zarek
1    Rushwood Grove (FOIL)
1    Saprazzan Cove (FOIL)
2    Smallpox (M12 FOIL)
1    Staff of Nin (M13 FOIL)
1    Subterranean Hangar (FOIL)
1    Sunken Hollow (FOIL)
1    Sword of the Meek
2    The Rack (TimeSpiral)
1    Venser, Shaper Savant (Future Sight)
4    Vexing Devil

CP:  (+63)917-801-7077
Send me a facebook message: 

Want to order cards online but don't have a credit card?
If I don't have the cards you need. I can assist you with ordering them online through with a minimum order of $300 to avail of the free FEDEX shipping. No additional fees. All you need to pay is the total price of your order.

This is subject to my availability and can only be done on the following locations:
1. Ongkeco's Hobby Shop (Every Saturday 4pm onwards)
2. UP Ayala Technohub (Commonwealth Ave.)
3. Neutral Grounds (Centris)
*Outside of the meet-up locations mentioned above, SHIPPING OPTION will be offered.

For MTG cards payments and reservation, I accept payments through BPI Bank Deposit or PayPal.
For PayPal payment the processing fee should be shouldered by the buyer.
Otherwise, all cards will be made available on an equal opportunity basis.

Local shipping (within Philippines) via WWWExpress or LBC.
Cards will be protected within hard case or bubble wrap.
Shipping fee is usually P150 only. However, this may vary depending on your preferred address and insurance value.
Combined shipping is accepted, to save on the shipping fee.
All packages can be tracked via their respective websites.
All purchases above 1000Php will be shipped for FREE.

For the card prices, you may verify them on the following sites:

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