A heartbreaking story of a girl who cheated

A very heartbreaking story was shown in this video. It involves a man and a woman who are deeply inlove with each other.

The man would do anything for the woman. He wanted to make her happy so he decided to apply for a part time to be able to buy a car for his girlfriend.

Tagalog music video: Pagsuko

While the boy was busy making money for their future, the girl was flirting with another guy thinking that her boy was lacking the attention and love for her.

She started cheating on him from simple texts up until they were already going out. She did not know that the Statue (Singing Puppet Man) inside the mall was her boyfriend.

It was so sad for the boyfriend because he could witness the difference on how her girlfriend treats him and how the girl treats the other guy.

Original Thai MV with English Subtitles

Until one day the girl and her affair stood by the singing puppet man, it started raining and that was the moment when she realized how she hurt him. He did nothing but to love her truly but that was not enough for her.

In this life, we cannot choose who to love but we have a choice not to hurt them. The pain and happiness always depends on the decisions that we make. Let's think a thousand times first before we decide to do something.

source: youtube.com

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