Google Adsense review, strategies and revenue tips

Google AdSense is a relatively easy way for small and large web site owners to generate revenue by displaying ads relevant to their site content. I have been with Adsense for quite some time and I thought I'd share my experiences with those of you considering using it, or are participating and would like to increase your revenue.

How does Adsense Work?

Google Adsense provides you with a number of ad formats - image or text based. Implementing AdSense is very easy. You specify your preferences and JavaScript is then generated which you copy and paste into your page source code where you would like the ad to display. You can use the same JavaScript code on any of your websites.

Each time the page is viewed, the AdSense bot queries Google. If the page isn't listed in Google or has changed, then the bot will scan the page to determine what ads to display. The Adsense bot can be easily identified in your server logs - it's called Mediapartners-Google/2.1

How much revenue can I generate with Adsense?

You receive a percentage of the amount paid by advertisers for each click on an ad. Unlike other networks, Google doesn't declare the exact percentage, and I speculate it varies, but it does appear to be a generous share.

As to how much you'll make? There are no limits. I personally know people who are generating 5 figure monthly checks by using AdSense.

Revenue generation will be dependent on a number of factors:

  • The number of pages viewed per day
  • The topic of your content
  • The price paid by the advertiser for each click
  • The number of people who click on the ads

This doesn't mean to say that if you only generate a few hundred page views a day, you'll receive a pittance. In fact, light traffic sites can generate substantial revenue if their topic covers a very competitive market.

Google issues checks approximately 30 days after the end of each calendar month if you've earned US $100 or more. If you've earned under that, the balance is rolled over to the next month.

What you must not do with Adsense?

While Google is a nice partner to work with, they are strict on a number of issues.

  • Once you implement the code, do not click on the ads yourself. Given the amount that some advertisers are willing to pay, Google is very, very sensitive to click fraud. 
  • Tell anyone else using a computer from your home not to click on the AdSense ads, just to be safe.
  • Do not ever, ever try to "game" the system. Google is well aware of most of the tricks people use to engage in click fraud and pursues those people vigorously
  • Don't implement AdSense code where no-one will see it.
  • Don't incentive AdSense ads by offering rewards to visitors for clicking on ads.
  • Don't beg for clicks e.g. "help support this site, click on this ad"
  • Don't place AdSense ads on an empty page.
Any of the above can result in your AdSense account being suspended.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review. Feel free to post your feedback or share this page.

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