Error matching blog to blogger entry nuffnang (how to fix?)

Have you recently tried running Nuffnang ads on your blog and you got this error message?

"Error matching blog to blogger entry. If you are the owner of this blog, please check that there is no typo in your blog address and that you have pasted the code from the Add Ads page correctly."

There are hundreds of tutorials out there in the internet regarding this but none of them was actually working so I've thought of posting this topic to help out the other bloggers out there who encountered the same issue.

The solution is actually simple.

Just check check the Blog Manager on your Nuffnang account.

Make sure that the blog URL is typed in correctly. If not then edit the URL to have this fixed.

If you have already fixed the URL and is still getting that error message. Well...
Give it some time as the update is not done instantly. After an hour or two sometimes even longer the Nuffnang ads will be displayed properly.

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I hope this helps. Feel free to leave a comment.


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