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Unable to join the New social network that pays you to post and socialize?

It's an invitation only site and you wont be able to register if no existing user would be inviting you. If the above link does not work then you may visit the site and enter a member's short code.

My short code is: https://www.tsu.co/dreamloneheart

Don't worry as only US residents get paid as stated in the terms and conditions. So, my share will be divided among you guys who will be using this link to register as I'm not a resident of the United States and will not have any means to claim. Therefore, you get more out of this system.

The registration form should pop-up after you click on the above link or manually enter the short code. Fill in the details then submit and you are registered. Have fun!

Feel free to check my review as well:
tsū Social Network Review

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