The Types of Evil Women you'll meet during this lifetime

We have all had our share of meeting evil women during our lifetime. This article will help you identify them.
Credits to Stanley Chi for writing this article on FHM Philippines:

One day, you meet this pretty girl. You like her and you exchange sweet nothings. You go out on a date and it looks like everything is working out…until she leaves you hanging.

Suddenly, you realize, “Tangina, naisahan na naman ako ng babae.”

You end up doubting yourself, wondering what it is that you did wrong. Then, after a couple of months of soul-searching and self-pity, it happens again.
Some guys move on and learn from their past mistakes. Others can’t handle the karumal-dumal na pangyayari, which is why they troubleshoot using the technology they have in hand. They become online stalkers, following the girl who dumped them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as quietly as they can, trying to solve a problem that exists only in their head.

Fap. Repeat.

Below are the 13 women who can make our lives a living hell. We will meet certain types of women in our lives who will either play with our feelings, use our bodies for their own pleasure, or if we’re lucky enough, love us for who we are. Here’s a guide for all you sawi sa pag-ibig guys out there so that the next time you meet a girl, you can judge her and be more madiskarte than a multi-level marketing agent!

She’s the girl who just sits there during a date and lets you pay the bill. Every. Single. Time. She’s also the type who says, “Pabili naman that bag,” just so she can flaunt it when lounging with her poser amigas or upload a photo of it on Instagram.
This girl loves money, especially if she knows you’re filthy rich. Try telling her that you’re having financial problems and she’ll try to get out of your relationship the soonest.

She gets what she wants by manipulating you into doing her bidding, whether it be through emotional blackmail or paawa effect. Either way, she knows her stuff and we guys fall for it hook, line, and sinker.
So what if you’re an engineer or a doctor? If you meet this girl and fall for her tricks, you’re about to become an uto-uto.

She’s so self-centered that she thinks all the planets revolve around her. Her motto in life is to please Me, Myself, and I. So what if you look dugyot in a picture with her? If it doesn't reveal her big shoulders and fat cheeks, she’s posting it on Facebook, end of conversation.
For her, a meaningful conversation is when she talks…and you listen.

Wait, is it your monthsary? Oops, she forgot. To this woman, nothing matters more than her career–not even her sex life!
She works long hours and spends most of her time with her boss. Okay na eh, but she always starts her sentences with, “Why can’t you be like my boss who’s more [fill in the blanks] than you?” You wallow in self-doubt, wondering if she might be banging her boss on the side.

To her, they’re not boys; they’re toys. She’s the syota ng bayan and she sees nothing wrong with flirting openly with other guys. Who knows? Maybe even her gym instructor–yung common friend ninyo–ay ka-fling pala niya.

Hindi lang lalake ang tinatablan ng kamanyakan; mga girls din. Unfortunately, she catches you off-guard because she hides it like a plastic Maria Clara. But believe me when I say this: Ang babaeng nasa loob ang kulo, mas malibog at wild pa sa'yo! She will leave you tuyong-tuyo and if you can’t keep up…she’ll look for someone who can!

Spending time with your family this weekend? Watch out: She’s so selosa that she thinks you’re having sex somewhere with someone you just met. You tell her, "Babe, I need to go to the hospital right now for my cancer treatment" and she'll be all like "Hospital, really? But I thought we were going to my costume party? Siguro lalandian mo lang yung mga nurse dun?!"
Sorry, but your Facebook photos of the wonderful weekend you had won’t convince her otherwise. May toyo kasi, eh.

If she’s right, she’s right and if she’s wrong, she’s still right. If you so much as try to prove to her that you’re right, and for some inexplicable reason you win, don’t expect her to say sorry–that word just isn’t part of her vocabulary.

She’s so used to having a yaya that she treats you like a household helper at home and a driver outdoors. Get ready to put your driving and pagbubuhat skills to test because that’s what you’ll be doing when you’re on a date.
Carrying her pink bag wherever you go may be a sign of true love; huwag ka lang sana magpauto all the time. But if you're a martyr, try mong humingi ng day off at sweldo para naman hindi sayang ang pagod mo. You're better off without her...unless she suddenly pulls this move on you:

She can’t help but look at the gloomy side of life. She’s so nega that after just one date, you’ll feel like she drained the life right out of you like a depressed version of Dracula. She's so nega that even after you take her to the most awesome of dates, say a hot air balloon ride, she'll still be all like, "Yun na yun?" afterwards.
Huwag ka na magsabi ng maganda; she’ll just find a way to burst your bubble. Word of caution: Misery loves company, so you’re probably not getting rid of her any time soon.

She doesn’t like you for who you are–that’s why she’s trying to change you from head to toe. All she does is correct your mali-maling English, the questionable grammar of your Facebook status, your jologs tweets and mala-kargador kung kumain na table manners.
You can’t be yourself when you’re with her because it might embarrass her in front of her BFFs. They will think she’s desperate for going out with you and they will unfollow her on Instagram. Punyeta lang, di ba?
Our idea of revenge? Get an accomplice, and make her believe that she's accidentally pregnant.

She wants to social-climb her way to the top, one expensive gadget at a time. She befriends your sosyal friends so that she’ll be just as sosyal by association.
As for your down-to-earth friends, who cares? Wala naman siyang mapapala sa kanila. 

In your relationship, it’s her way or the highway. Siya ang batas at ikaw lang ang taga-sunod. 
If you don’t live by her rules, you have one option: leave. But if you decide to stay with her, it’s your funeral.
Why do we meet these types of women who will just play with our feelings and leave us penniless? Are we really that defenseless in front of women wearing sleeveless shirts and pekpek shorts?
Yes, women can be ruthless. Ang galing nilang magpaikot ng mga lalake, especially if they’ve got super cleavage powers that they can use to hypnotize us and get us to do their bidding.
Or maybe it’s the magical scent of their maputing kili-kili? Your guess is as good as mine.

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