The Key to Understand Women Logic

We all know how hard it is to understand a woman's logic but sometimes we just have to become accustomed to their whims. Why? Because the more you resist the more you'll be in pain.

Acceptance has always been the key. There are things that are hard to understand but would just have to be accepted. Rather than argue, it is best to just give in and go with the flow. Resistance is futile.

They have their own version of Equality.

They would always want to change things about you but when you do, they will use this as a reason to leave or replace you.

She dreamt that you did something wrong and she believes it immediately. Just apologize and admit to the crime you never did.

We are not allowed to catch them cheating because if we do, it's our fault. They always have that unique way of making us take the blame for what they did.

Don't bother arguing about her wardrobe. She would wear something to catch the attention of men but would feel offended when they look.

No matter what she wears, you must not lose eye contact.

Ask her about what she wants and if you get lucky she'll tell you what to do. However, the instructions and expectations are a bit worlds apart.

If you are not too lucky, she wont tell you at all but you have to get exactly what she wants.

Now that you have an idea of how women's logic works, you are now aware of what despair feels like and how you cannot escape this fate.

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