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I simply wish to share the good and down sides of this ad affiliate based on my own experience. Infolinks is an online advertising network and shows in-text ads.

It can be great for personal blogs and websites. It is a very simple and effective way to earn through advertising. You can easily make money by signing up and implementing their code on your blog.

Good side about infolinks:

* Very easy to install. The sign up and approval process is very quick. Once you’re ready to go, all you have to do is copy and paste a five line code into the Footer of your blog right before the </body> tag.  After you’ve installed the code, Infolinks will start generating the intext ads on their own.

* Excellent user interface. It is so easy to customize the number of intent ads per page, the color, the genre of ads, and whether the links are double underlined or dotted. The user interface is the most customizable and user friendly interface I’ve come across.

* Didn’t slow down my sites. As far as I can tell, I did not experience a slowdown in load time due to Infolinks. An occasional slowdown may have been due to the occasional overflow of traffic, but I don’t think due to Infolinks. I am pretty sensitive when it comes to site speed.

The Down side about infolinks:

* RPM isn’t very high. RPM stands for revenue per thousand views. I averaged about $1 RPM vs. comparable RPM levels of $1.5-$2. For some advertising companies which can show relevant ads.

* Ad relevancy needs improvement. Sometimes very random anchor texts were underlined by Infolinks to link to a product. Furthermore, almost all the ads were about online trading or lawyers. It would be nice to have more relevant contextual ads.

* Your page might start looking cluttered. If you have some nice affiliate pages, or key articles with good converting affiliate links, your Infolinks which pays you $1 per thousand impressions might “crowd out” your much higher paying affiliate links. Imagine having Google Adsense + Infolinks + affiliate links on one page. It’s easy to see how your reader might not choose the link you want.

* Your readers might start hating you. You might easily block out ads when viewing a website, but others might not be as adept. Even though its your website to do what you wish, it’s good to take in the feedback from readers. I decided that I would rather sacrifice revenue from Infolinks to keep readers happy and have less cluttered pages.

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