nRelate Replacement or Alternative for Blogger

For the nRelate users who are looking for alternatives you may refer to the providers below. We all need to find a replacement for this excellent provider of related links. It's really sad that nRelate has decided to close down their services on December 31, 2014.

Link Within, is a free to use widget that provides “Related Links”. It’s really user-friendly for any blog platform, and it’s free.

This is not recommended for SEO purposes as LinkWithin is a parasitic widget. It works is by redirecting your traffic through their own site, effectively linking to themselves from all over your site and then directing the user back to your site. For those who doesn't care about SEO optimization then feel free to use this user friendly widget but for those who know the importance of internal linking then you'd best choose an alternative.

I'm personally considering Contextly but their services are not free for those sites with high traffic. You may register for the free basic personal plan which will cover up to 10,000 page view per month for your site or blog. For the next range you'd have to pay $9 per month so that up to 25,000 page view per month would be covered and so on...

For those with high site traffic who are still looking for a free provider, you may try the next option.

Their widget is pretty customizable; you can have it display links within your website (to increase pageviews), or from external yet still relevant websites, or an awesome combination of both. These can be displayed as Thumbnail, Simple text or both. They also have a rating feature where visitors can rate an article based on a 5-star rating scale, or thumb up an article.

However, they do require your site to have a minimum of 500,000 monthly US pageviews.

So far the ones above are what I've stumbled upon during my research. If you have any good suggestions aside from the ones mentioned, kindly let us know by posting your comments on this topic.

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