Who is Dream Loneheart?

You may wonder…

Who is DreamStalker?
Who is The Dream?
Who is Dream Loneheart?

Well, they are one and the same person.

I was once a loner who hides from the world but has learned the importance of having friends.
An impartial person who’s open to anything so you can typically talk to me about any topic.

I’m just an average down-to-earth guy who's trying my best to keep a low profile.

The name DreamStalker originated way back in 2001 which means, one who walks slowly in the path of dreams. A name I’ve widely used when I was playing online games like Ragnarok Online, FLYFF and many more. This name was further inspired by an MTG Card released during the Time Spiral Expansion with a quotation “What happens when it is the dream that wakes and the sleeper that fades into memory?”

Since that day, I have decided to revise the name as “The Dream” which I used for my online activities and DreamStalker has ceased to exist.

Though using that name has its disadvantages for it is too common. Hence by March of 2003, I have decided to come up with a more unique pseudonym that I can use permanently for my online activities with the features of having a 1st and last name that describes me well. A dreamer with a lonely heart… Dream Loneheart…

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